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Cartoon-philonThe Philon brand is characterised by the sustained quality and the wide variety of products available. Our range consists of regular traditional lines, as well as new products that are continually being incorporated to cater for ever changing tastes of our consumers. Products include a variety of Natural, Roasted and Coated Nuts & Snacks.


Products are supplied nationwide; with a direct Sales and Distribution facility that reaches most of the South East of England, Nationally by a network of Wholesalers and Distributors, and by our next day courier service. Our facility in Hoddesdon handles over 500,000 kilos of raw products a year and produces over 19,000 packets of Philon products every day. Managing our entire packaging and distribution process from our one facility enables us to provide competitive pricing and excellent customer care.



As a company, our principle goal is to provide quality Nut products that are accessible and affordable to everyone.

We have developed our successful family run business by sustaining the founder’s commitment to developing loyal long term business relationships that are built on a mutual respect and friendship.





The company has a long history, starting from a very small and modest beginning. The Philon products were first produced in 1993 alongside our confectionery bags and popcorn, under the brand ‘Buzz’.

The owner would make and sell them from his video shop in Tottenham, North London. Packing them in the evening and then traveling around London during the day searching for new customers and supplying existing ones. Customers included all independent shops, grocers, newsagents and video rental outlets.

The products became very popular and soon there was a demand that required a bigger operation than the video shop. It was then that the owner saw a bright future in the brands he had created and decided to invest in some packaging machinery and a small industrial unit.

Over the next few years the company grew, taking on its first few employees. Today, nearly 20 years on Philon & Buzz brands have grown into a successful organisation supplying all types of retailers across the country & still maintaining over 3000 retail customers in London alone.

Our latest factory was purchased in 2007 and encompasses full offices where some of our 35 plus employees work. The future for the company continues to look bright and we would like take the opportunity to thank all of our loyal consumers for their business, many of whom have been with us since our beginning.

Today, the company is still a family run concerns and the owner still believes in his dream.  When asked, he will say that hard work, ambition, passion and vision are what have brought the Company to where it is today.




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